LinuxDC++ 2.0.0 alfa (core 0.7091) 02.08.2009

Пересобрал последнюю версию из trunk. Скачать можно по этой ссылке.

Список изменений:

*** 1.1.X 2009-XX-XX ***
[2009-02-22] Upgraded the DC++ core to 0.707, adding segmented downloading (thanks Razzloss).
[2009-02-28] Upgraded the DC++ core to 0.7091.
[2009-03-02] Fixed building with SCons 0.97.
[2009-03-02] Removed extra placeholders from settingsdialog experts -tab, which caused some aligment problems with spinboxes and related labels.
[2009-03-09] Removed the only op check box from search tab and cleared the UI. It is now indicated better that filter already in share depends on local filtering.
[2009-03-29] lp#350738: Hub::selectedTag is not updated in some cases (thanks Eric Toombs).
[2009-03-29] lp#318593: Show online status in PM (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2009-04-01] lp#271565: Add missing user command variables (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2009-04-05] lp#353889: Readme.txt missing libboost dependency.
[2009-05-04] lp#362878: Compilation fix for Mac OS X (thanks Ximin Luo).
[2009-05-08] Rewrote Transfers view. (Razzloss)
[2009-05-08] lp#264304: Fixed “Time Left” column in transfers from not updating properly. (Razzloss)
[2009-05-08] lp#337480: Fixed “User” and “Hub Name” column in transfers from not updating properly. (Razzloss)
[2009-05-08] lp#373900: Fixed compilation error introduced by transfer view rewrite. (Steven)
[2009-05-15] lp#376869: Fixed exit and about dialogs from appearing as top-level windows. (Steven)
[2009-06-16] lp#311477: Added SVG icon support via’s Icon Theme Specification. (Steven)
[2009-06-16] Added option “Use system icons” in case system icons are preferred. (Steven)
[2009-06-16] Removed unnecessary “Connect” and “Quit” buttons from main toolbar. (Steven)
[2009-06-16] lp#382592: Fixed adding remote files to share. (Steven)
[2009-06-18] lp#388792: Fixed missing status icon in the notification area. (Steven)
[2009-06-23] lp#375847: Added auto-connect checkbox to favorite hub properties. (Steven)
[2009-06-27] Added “Get Help Online” & “Report a Problem” links to help menu. (Steven)
[2009-06-28] lp#381931: Show nick instead of CID when browsing offline shares. (Steven)

Как вы видите, официально автор не выпускал 2-ю версию программы, следующую версию сборки переименую обратно в ветку 1.1.х.

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